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5 Affordable Pieces To Shop From AW21’s Biggest Street Style Trends

Mini kilts, pastel co-ords and the knee boots that the street-style set are wearing now: welcome to this month’s most-talked-about real-life fashion trends.
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Acielle / Style Du Monde

When Vogue’s trusted street style photographers stepped out in Milan, Paris and Tokyo to capture the fashion scene around the autumn/winter 2021 shows, the results were somewhat surprising.

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Gone were the full designer looks and high-voltage blowouts that were once the markers of the lens-conscious street style set. In their place came irreverent vintage ’fits that tap into the spontaneous creative spirit that is currently inspiring everything from our TikTok timelines to our love of journalling.

The best street-style looks also just got affordable. From scarlet tights (spotted in Tokyo) to mini kilts and pastel denim (we see you Paris) — this is your debrief on spring’s most wearable trends.

The roomy, black leather knee boot

The rise of the ‘pony club boot trick’.

Acielle / Style Du Monde

We’re guessing that Bella Hadid’s love of equestrian style has something to do with the rise of the ‘pony club boot trick’. The silhouette — which catapults a centuries-old military look into the modern age — sees baggy pants tucked into sturdy leather knee boots. The more jarring the boot pairing (note the offbeat appeal of white trousers and a nostalgic cardigan), the greater the street-style score. Extra marks for dusting off Frye’s Campus 14L style, which last made waves in 2003.

Boots, £298, available at

Preppy, pastel trousers

Pick a confectionery hue and ensure that everything matches.

Acielle / Style Du Monde

Paris’s answer to mood-lifting casuals? Pick a confectionery hue and ensure that everything, from your face mask to your vintage Dior mini-bag, matches. The caveat: swerve sweatpants in favour of a straight-cut jean or linen trouser (try Monki’s Parma Violets denim colourway and Paloma Wool’s Ross trouser) and elevate your retro aerobics sweatshirt with layers of keepsake necklaces.

Yoko jeans, £40, available at

The ’90s mini kilt

The ’90s fashion playbook is the gift that keeps on giving.

Acielle / Style Du Monde / Gianluca Senese

From Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss to Jennifer Aniston and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Tatyana Ali — when it comes to mastering the mini kilt’s retro-chic credentials, the ’90s fashion playbook is the gift that keeps on giving (clipping a pager to your waistband is optional). Have you recently rediscovered the streamlining powers of a trusty pair of opaque tights? Us too. File the failsafe combination of a graphic T-shirt, collegiate tights and mini kilt (Depop’s answer to the bike short) under ‘dressed in less than five minutes’.

Reformation ‘Suzie’ skirt, £88, available at

‘Yuppie’ ’80s neutrals

Yuppie ’80s style traits – something ironically chic that we can get behind.

Gianluca Senese

Now that Instagram seems to have gotten over its obsession with mid-’90s beige, let us turn your attention to the untapped fashion trove that is late ’80s neutrals. Groomed polo necks (hi, Uniqlo), sculpted shoulder blazers and contrasting circle-buckle belts transform the decade’s yuppie style traits into something ironically chic that we can get behind. Faux-corporate baseball caps included.

Merino wool jumper, £24.90, available at

Scarlet tights

Hunt down a pair of Comme des Garçons Black Cdg Air Max 95 trainers and break out the scarlet tights.

Kira /

We’re going to need to take a minute to talk about the next-level layered looks that led the way at Tokyo Fashion Week autumn/winter 2021. From the cult, monochrome sneakers upwards, Japan’s street-style cohorts are reimagining prettified day dresses with a little help from characterful blouses and playful totes. Hunt down a pair of Comme des Garçons Black Cdg Air Max 95 trainers and break out the scarlet tights — anyone looking to restyle last year’s summer dress needs to pay attention to how Tokyo’s fashion stars pull together an original, head-turning look.

Tights, £8, available at

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