What’s Your Horoscope This Week?

Astrologer Alice Bell forecasts for love, money, career, style and more every Tuesday.
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You may be more assertive than usual this week, as Venus and Mars meet up in Capricorn. There could be a lot of activity going on in your personal life, and you may feel urged to date or connect with friends. You may also want to express your feelings for someone or deal with any tension in a relationship or friendship that needs to be addressed. On the other hand, you could be spending quite a bit of money impulsively, or you might be actively coming up with ways to boost your income. 

From Wednesday to Friday, the moon will be moving through Sagittarius. You may feel much more optimistic and light, and you could be looking on the bright side of any situation. You will be seeing any challenges that come your way as opportunities for personal growth. In addition, you might be inspired to learn new information, and you may be filling your free time with reading or writing. You could be staying open to different beliefs and opinions too, or you might be rather outspoken and want to share whatever is on your mind. 

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Pisces Horoscope

20 February – 20 March

You will be putting energy into your friendships this week, Pisces, as Mars and Venus connect in your 11th house. You could have group events to attend, or you might be networking and building a community for yourself. You may also be addressing conflict within your friend group if you’ve been having problems with someone. With the moon in your 10th house, developments might be happening within your career. You could have bigger projects come up, or you may be emotional about where you’re headed next with work and want to reflect on your long term career trajectory.

Aries Horoscope

21 March – 20 April

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You will be motivated to succeed at work this week, Aries, as Mars and Venus connect in your 10th house. You could be making a decision about what you want to do next in your career, or you could have bigger work opportunities coming to you. You could also feel seen by your bosses or the general public. With the moon in your 9th house, you might be inspired to learn, and could be taking an online workshop or want to read or watch documentaries. In addition, you may have conversations with people that shift your perspective. 

Taurus Horoscope

21 April – 21 May

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You might be taking a risk in some area of your life this week, Taurus, as Mars and Venus connect in your 9th house. You may feel more optimistic in general, and you could have inspiration to read, write, or research. In addition, travel plans may arise, and you could want to see the world or learn about different cultures. With the moon in your 8th house, you may have to face your deeper emotions or address any relationship problems. You could be telling someone how you feel, or you might be taking time for self reflection.

Gemini Horoscope

22 May – 21 June

You might be a bit introspective this week, Gemini, as Mars and Venus connect in your 8th house. You could want to address emotions you usually avoid, or you might be realising the role you play in your close relationships and how you can be a better partner. You may also see passive income come in or want to get your money better organised. With the moon in your 7th house, you might be spending time with a romantic partner or close friend. You could be going on a date or your partner may need your support and attention. 

Cancer Horoscope

22 June – 22 July

You could be busy forming new relationships this week, Cancer, as Mars and Venus connect in your 7th house. You might be motivated to put yourself out there and meet new people, or you could be spending quality time with your partner. However, you may have to address underlying relationship problems. With the moon in your 6th house, you might be extra busy with everyday tasks, and you could be juggling several work projects at once. On the other hand, you may be paying attention to your body and want to squeeze in time to exercise.

Leo Horoscope

23 July – 22 August

You will be motivated to tackle the little tasks at work this week, Leo, as Mars and Venus connect in your 6th house. You could be following a structured routine, or you may get handed new work opportunities. In addition, you might be extra mindful of the food you’re consuming and how you’re treating your body. With the moon in your 5th house, you may feel expressive and be full of creative ideas you want to explore. You could also be mingling with friends or feel like you have greater confidence when you’re among other people. 

Virgo Horoscope

23 August – 23 September

You’re tapping into your creative side this week, Virgo, as Mars and Venus connect in your 5th house. You may be injecting your personality into your work, or you could be enjoying time to relax or even go on vacation. Developments might be taking place in your love life too, and you may find yourself with new romantic prospects, or you’re feeling confident when dating. With the moon in your 4th house, you could be catching up with family, or you may want to rearrange furniture or decorate your home to make it feel more inviting. 

Libra Horoscope

24 September – 23 October

You’re taking action at home this week, Libra, as Mars and Venus connect in your 4th house. You might be moving, decorating your room, or fixing things around your home. On the other hand, you may have to resolve any problems you’ve had with family or a roommate. You may feel a bit emotionally worked up too. With the moon in your 3rd house, you could have people reaching out, wanting to connect with you. You may also be moving around by going on a day trip somewhere or venturing to a new spot in your city. 

Scorpio Horoscope

24 October – 23 November

You will be busy moving around this week, Scorpio, as Mars and Venus connect in your 3rd house. You might be motivated to learn about several different topics at once, or you could be travelling somewhere. You may also be launching communication focused projects like a presentation, a piece of writing, or a podcast. With the moon in your 2nd house, you may be emotional about your personal finances, or you could have more money hitting your bank account. At the same time, a lot of extra expenses might be popping up too.  

Sagittarius Horoscope

24 November – 21 December

You will be moving ahead at work this week, Sagittarius, as Mars and Venus connect in your 2nd house. You might be gaining traction with your own business projects, or you may receive opportunities to make more money. You could be motivated to freelance and look for alternative ways to boost your income. With the moon in your sign, you may feel seen by others, or you might be doing a lot of self reflection on how you can prioritise your own goals and interests. You could be deciding what direction you want to go in next. 

Capricorn Horoscope

22 December – 20 January

You may feel energetic and assertive this week, Capricorn, as Mars and Venus connect in your sign. You might be ready to pursue new interests or launch projects that are personal to you, and more people will be taking notice. You could also be paying greater attention to your appearance and want to change up your hair or your personal style. With the moon in your 12th house, you could need time for rest and reflection as well. You may be facing heavier emotions or you’re coming to understand the ways in which you can work against yourself.

Aquarius Horoscope

21 January – 19 February

You’re taking it easy this week, Aquarius, as Mars and Venus connect in your 12th house. You could feel a bit low energy and you may need more rest than usual. You could want to use this time to engage in solo activities that help calm your mind and bring you inner peace. With the moon in your 11th house, you might be balancing your own solo hobbies with group activities. Your friends may reach out asking to see you, or you could be reflecting on what type of community you want to join.