A Talking-Point Necklace Should Be Your Next Big Jewellery Buy 

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Monica Schipper

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Fashion’s current love of maximalism has hit the jewellery market. Super-sized pendants and medallions are fast becoming a key trend of the season, thanks to stars loading on the gemstones. 

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Bella Hadid – who spearheaded last year’s plastic fantastic jewellery movement – has been pepping up her street style with sculptural pieces by Dior, Dilara Findikoglu and Bulgari. Rihanna also holds several big-ticket jewels by Dior, including a ’90s choker, a flame logo lariat, a pink Masai beaded necklace, and a dazzling crystal necklace. A jagged emerald cross pendant from Roseark is another favourite of Rih’s, as is a timeless Bas Relief pearl choker from Vivienne Westwood and a gold zodiac medallion by Briony Raymond.

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Dua Lipa owns plenty of pendants from family-run Grecian brand Mayol, which specialises in nostalgic motifs. Jiwinaia’s kitsch creations also sit in her jewellery box, along with eye-catching pieces from Ottolinger, Ian Charms and Chopowa Lowena.

Bella Hadid regularly layers her statement pendant necklaces.


Iris Law’s favourite necklace is by Italian designer Bea Bongiasca, whose squiggly vine rings garnered cult status long ago. Bongiasca’s cherry chocolate enamel and amethyst lucky flower necklace has made multiple appearances on Law’s Instagram. 

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The biggest power move you can make in the accessories department this year? Buying a talking-point necklace, such as those below.

Bea Bongiasca Lucky Flower pendant

Bea Bongiasca

Saint Laurent crystal heart clover enamel necklace


Briony Raymond Capricorn zodiac medallion

Briony Raymond

Chanel Gripoix pearl flower medallion necklace


Homer hammer man diamond pendant


Mayol butterfly motif necklace


Ottolinger silver dip necklace


Foundrae 14kt gold and diamond drop pendant necklace


Jil Sander glass pendant choker


Alighieri Il Leone medallion necklace